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Converting Existing Webs
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Using Text Boxes
This is a text box, used to draw attention to items of interest.  To duplicate a text box, copy the table code of an existing text box and paste at the desired new location.

What this Is

This is an HTML Web Template in variable width format, so it will expand to the full width of the viewing resolution.  We have packaged this web up in a zip file, which will unzip the page and image files to the /webname directory of your hard drive (where "webname" is the name of the design you've licensed).  Please create a new folder to unzip these files into, as a .pdf instruction file is also included in the root directory of the zip file.

After you have unzipped the files, open the pages with the HTML editor of your choice, and you'll be off to a great start building your new web!

What you Get

After you've followed the above steps, you will have an exact duplicate of the web you are previewing here, and you will simply replace our information with your information, rename the pages and links as necessary, and add or delete pages according to your needs.