If soda and coffee just aren’t packing enough punch for you, a new beverage out of Japan might just be your dream come true.

With 50 percent more caffeine (but also 50 percent fewer calories!), Coca-Cola Coffee Plus has 34mg of caffeine and only 42 calories.

According to the website Shin-Shouhin, translated on Kotaku, the new drink is (unfortunately for us) a vending machine exclusive in Japan right now.

Photos of the canned beverage have been posted to some Japanese Twitter accounts:

The folks who tested it at Shin-Shouhin says the drink doesn’t smell like Coca-Cola or coffee. Instead, they describe it as “curious” or “odd,” writing that the initial taste is cola-like but the aftertaste is where you get the coffee.

They are not fans, writing it’s “not a very delicious aroma” and the two drinks don’t pair together well.

“I didn’t think it tasted good, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,” is another featured quote.

While Coca-Cola Coffee Plus is new, it’s not the first time Coca-Cola ventured into the coffee world. Godiva Belgian Blends coffees are a Coca-Cola brand, and remember Coca-Cola BlāK, another coffee-flavored version of Coke? It only lasted two years, but thanks to the internet, you can make a version of it yourself.

There is no word yet on when or if Coca-Cola Coffee Plus will make it to America. But if you’re near the Washington, D.C. area, pop into Compass Coffee, where they’ll make you their own version with a bottle of Coca-Cola with two shots of espresso.

There are also recipes online so you can over-caffeinate your cola beverages in your own home. This one for a Coca-Cola coffee granita is straight from Coca-Cola themselves. You just need brewed coffee, sugar, Coca-Cola and a half a vanilla bean.

Getty Images | Sean Gallup

If iced coffee is more your thing, check out this iced mocha cola. All you need is ice, coffee, Coca-Cola and half-and-half. Reviews are mixed, with some people saying it’s an acquired taste and odd, but no one really disliking it.

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