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Welcome to In Your Head! Wrestling podcast, news and community!

Juventud Guerrera & Manny Fernandez

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 00:05, Feb 07 2008

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In the first hour we were joined by "The Juice" Juventud Guerrera. We went over his start in wrestling, his ECW days, his WCW career, the Mexicools run in WWE, his short TNA stay, his recent return to Mexico and his plans for the future. We also talked about his upcoming plans for a wrestling school and his new musical career. For more information on Juvi, and where to buy Juvi merchandise including masks, jerseys, shirts and his soon to be released music please visit:

In the 2nd hour we were joined by "The Raging Bull" Manny Fernandez. We went over Manny's career. From his start in wrestling, stretching and being stretched, Bruiser Brody, Rick Rude, Dusty Rhodes, Thunderbolt Patterson, Boogie Woogie Man, Wahoo McDaniels, the Crockets, AWA, Greg Gagne and much more. His thoughts on Ric Flair, George South, some co-called Christians in wrestling, wrestling schools, the current product and so much more including his thoughts on giving back to the business. For more information on Manny and how to go about being trained by him for wrestling or MMA please visit:

In the post show the IYH Crew went over RAW, ECW, TNA Impact and went off on a tirade !! So listen now !!!

User Comments


Joined: Sep 04 2005
Posts: 37

18:32, May 12 2008

Hells yeah, the Manny Fernadez interview was fantastic!

World Champ

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Joined: Dec 19 2012
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20:56, Dec 26 2012

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Joined: Jan 06 2013
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03:38, Jan 07 2013

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Joined: Jan 06 2013
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03:47, Jan 07 2013

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03:48, Jan 07 2013

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04:09, Jan 07 2013

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04:28, Jan 07 2013

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Upcoming Events

xx/xx/xx:  Special Sale on all products from noon until 3:00 pm!

xx/xx/xx:  Mayor Bob will be on hand for the ribbon cutting ceremony marking the opening of our newest location!

xx/xx/xx:  More stuff!