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Patriots vs. Jets.....a must win. | Darren's Boston Sports Corner timberland støvler mænd

Patriots vs. Jets…..a must win.

by Darren Cowan  •  October 19, 2012  • 708 Comments

Patriots vs. Jets
Courtesy of the Boston Globe.

***This article is dedicated to my father, David Cowan, who passed away 6 months ago from that awful disease known as Cancer.  You’re always on my mind….love and miss you.***

PATRIOTS vs. JETS.  National television coverage.  Huge impact on the AFC Division title chase.  But before we get to my thoughts and prediction on the outcome, lets be honest here for a second.  How many of you die-hard New England Patriots fans thought before the regular season kicked off that they had a decent chance to go undefeated this season?  With using their No Huddle prolific high scoring offense (like the Oregon Ducks) and a vastly improved defense, why not?  The Patriots can’t be stopped.  Averaging over 31 points a game and over 450 yards total offense, how can we get beat, right?  Well, it certainly crossed my mind.  And I know it did yours too, don’t lie.  Can we admit now what a mistake that was?  Almost embarrassing, right?  The Patriots sit at 3-3 and in the middle of the pack, mediocre.  Definitely sub-standard football by Patriots standards for sure.  I honestly think they (could have, should have) be sitting at 6-0 and undefeated but they simply haven’t had the killer instinct to finish teams off late in games.  Oh, they’re still a top tier football team for the first 3 quarters, no denying that.  If you’ve watched this team closely don’t they look unbeatable for most of the game?  It’s like they can do no wrong.  Up and down the field, first downs galore.  But then at some point you start to get that ‘here we go again‘ feeling starting in the 3rd quarter of every game that they’ll find a way to lose.  Going back to last week’s game, how could they possibly throw that game away in Seattle?  They should have blown them out and had every opportunity to do so.  They let Seattle stay in the game and deserved to lose.

Tom Brady disgusted.
Courtesy the Boston Globe.

Quick thoughts on the Seattle loss:  Red Zone killers of interception, intentional grounding (2 of those), 1 at the end of the half stopping a chip field goal, defensive DB’s and safeties giving up huge pass plays (46, 50, and 66 yards), the killer bei koxgyrgx. Timberland mens bootsng letting a receiver behind you at the end of the game for the winning touchdown?  Very painful to watch.  That’s High School mistakes.  No timeouts to use for their final drive.  Usually Tom Brady is a master at time management.  Not this game.

But I digress…..So here we go, Patriots vs. Jets.  Must win for the Pats.  If they lose this one at home to fall to 3-4, we could be in for a long season and in big trouble early on in the season.  Lets hope they show up for this one (and for the whole game this time).

Here are my 10 Keys for victory for the Patriots in this critical AFC East battle:

1.  Start Danny Woodhead.  Have Stevan Ridley spell him when he needs rest.  Woodhead gives second effort every time he touches the ball and make plays, period.  Ridley doesn’t give that extra effort for yards after being hit (my opinion).  Don’t get me wrong, he has produced with good numbers, but I haven’t seen it lately.  Gut feel here….

Danny Woodhead runs for a first down against the New York Jets.
Courtesy of the Boston Globe.

2.  Find a whole new secondary.  Just kidding, but am I wrong?  Unfortunately Ty Law, Rodney Harrison and other past great Patriot defensive backs won’t be walking through that Gillette Stadium door.  We are stuck with what we have and lets face facts, they stink.  Our current DB’s couldn’t even cover me on a 10 and out.  Here is some advice:  maybe if you turn your head back when the receiver turns his head to look for the ball this might help.  Hello?  The Patriot defense HAS  to blitz more than once a game to help out the weak link.  They should probably blitz all game long because they simply cannot stop the pass.  Bring everyone but Mayo and Spikes, they’ll stop the run.  We bring absolutely no pressure and we let the worst quarterbacks in the league stand back in the pocket and pick us apart.  We made Russell Wilson from Seattle look like the second coming of Steve Young last week.  He looked like he belonged in the Hall of Fame in Canton after playing against our secondary.

3.  Go with the No Huddle Offense at all times.  Everyone knows it’s coming but it works.  Until they can stop it, use it.  The Jets defense won’t be able to substitute players in and out and they’ll eventually get tired throughout the course of the game.  It seems when we go with the normal take your time Huddle attack it just doesn’t work.  Opposing defenses can figure out what we’re doing more easily.  Even I know the plays.

4.  Get Welker, Edelman, Gronkowski, and Hernandez involved early, and often.  The Jets don’t have anyone that can cover them, period.  Use Brandon Lloyd as a decoy because Antonio Cromartie will be shadowing him one on one probably for most of the game (Revis is out for the year).  As we all know, Cromartie has Brady’s number.  Throw a deep pass to Lloyd just to keep him honest.  For this game, the passing attack should be able to set up the run.

Tom Brady pooch kick.
Courtesy of the Boston Globe.

5.  Throw some different wrinkles in for a change.  When was the last time you saw a trick play from the offense?  How about maybe on 4th down around the opponents 40 yard line have Brady fake going for it and do a pooch kick.  Or how about a fake field goal?  We do have these plays in the playbook, right?

6.  Please, don’t ever bring the ball out of the end zone on kickoffs.  Start from the 20 and be happy.  Our special teams for kickoff returns is ranked 28th in the league.  It’s pathetic.  Can’t get any worse.  I know we signed Jeff Demps for that role and he would have gave us a serious threat, but unfortunately he went on IR.  Can we really not find ANYONE on the waiver wire who might actually help in this area?  It’s been 6 weeks now.

7.  Watch out for Tebow on Punts.  Tebow has had 3 successful fake punts already so far this season.  The Jets will be punting a lot.  Be ready for it.  In fact, be ready for anything when Tebow is on the field.

8.  Extra protection for Brady.  The Jets will most certainly be blitzing and bringing pressure to Brady to try and force mistakes and hurry throws.  Plan accordingly.

9.  Stop the Jets rushing game and make Sanchez beat you through the air.  I know, I know….our secondary is awful but I would rather see Sanchez throwing bad passes then the Jets eating up the clock with a ground attack which keeps New England’s offense on the sidelines.  Can you name the Jets Wide Receivers?  A bunch of no names and I’ll take my chances with them (remember, Santonio Holmes is on IR).

10.  Then 12th man.  This is a throwback jersey game…..get the fans rowdy and into it early.  Enjoy the game everyone.

My prediction:  Patriots 38, Jets 17.

Thank you for reading.  Please leave me a comment below I would truly appreciate it.  
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