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Kentucky License Bond for Radon Mitigation Professionals - Surety Bonds Blog Kvinders sorte timberland støvler

Kentucky License Bond for Radon Mitigation Professionals

Category: Uncategorized Published: Sep 7, 2011 Facebook 0 Google+ 0 Twitter 0 Pinterest 0 LinkedIn 0 HB 247: License Bond – Radon Mitigation Professionals

Under this bill radon mitigation professionals and radon measurement professionals will be regulated. These professionals will have to be certified and be able to post a $10,000 License and Permit Surety Bond. This bond will be conditioned on compliance with the proposed law and any rules adopted to implement it. In order for this bond to be in compliance it will have to be issued by a corporate surety that is authorized to transact surety business within the Commonwealth. The surety’s liability with the principal will be limited to the penal sum of the bond, and the bill provides for cancellation by the surety with advance written notice. The SFAA was contacted during the drafting of this bill and assisted in writing it.

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Wandering past war memorials like the Cenotaph, honoring those who died in World Wars I and II, I noticed that the monuments of London have never looked so good, having been spiffed up for last year’s Olympics.I ended my walk at Trafalgar Square, London’s central meeting point, highlighted by the world’s tallest Corinthian column, topped with a statue of Admiral Horatio Nelson. From here, I strolled along the Strand. Once a high-class riverside promenade, back before the Thames River was tamed with retaining walls, this busy boulevard is now home to theaters and shops.About 15 minutes later, I reached St. Clement Danes Church, the starting point for my City of London walk. The one-square-mile area known as The City once comprised the original walled town. These days, it’s consumed by the financial district and Christopher Wren churches.After the Great Fire of 1666 devastated this area, King Charles II turned to Wren to rebuild 51 churches in The City (not all survive). Of these, Wren’s greatest creation was St. Paul’s Cathedral. Even today, you can see the view that Wren intended — the majestic 365-foot-high dome of St. Paul’s hovering above the hazy rooftops, surrounded by the thin spires of his lesser churches.After touring St. Paul’s, I ate lunch at the Counting House, an elegant bank building converted into a fancy pub and popular with neighborhood professionals. Though not the most penny-pinching place for a midday meal ($20 with beer), I confirmed my feeling that, while there are plenty of cheap-and-cheery modern eateries in London, this is a great spot for a memorable lunch.From The City, I hopped into a cab to the British Museum, thinking this would save me time. I was wrong. Traffic was slow, and the meter reached 12 pounds (about $15). Lesson learned: I could have gotten there faster with my transit pass.The British Museum is hands-down my favorite museum in London. This chronicle of Western civilization houses Egyptian mummies, Assyrian lions, and a large hall featuring the best parts of the frieze that once ran around the exterior of Athens’ Parthenon.From the museum, I caught a bus to the British Library. Here, in just two rooms, are the literary treasures of Western civilization, including the Magna Carta, da Vinci’s notebook, Shakespeare’s First Folio, and Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” Perhaps the best thing about the British Museum and the British Library — they’re free (though donations are appreciated).Sights closed, brain drained, I hopped the Tube and zipped back to South Kensington for dinner at the Anglesea Arms. This place is everything a British pub should be: musty paintings, old-timers, beautiful people backlit, dogs wearing Union Jack vests, a long line of tempting beer-tap handles, and flower boxes spilling color around picnic tables — perfect for warm summer evenings. For under $25, I got a delightful meal with beer — a great value when you consider the high cost of dining in London and the joy of immersing yourself in a neighborhood pub with quality food.It was an exhilarating day — and not unreasonable for a first-timer to tackle. And it was affordable: The audio tours and museums were free, St. Paul’s cost $20, transportation $25, and my meals $45. The total: about $90 for a very full day in London.IF YOU VISIT…SLEEPING: With over-the-top formality and modern English decor, Number Sixteen is surrounded by the trendy shops and colorful restaurants of South Kensington — and it’s a short walk from Harrods (splurge, ). The Luna Simone Hotel offers fresh, spacious rooms in the upscale yet inviting Pimlico neighborhood, near Victoria Station (moderate, ).EATING: The Counting House serves pub grub, including homemade meat pies, in what once was a bank (50 Cornhill, tel. 020/7283-7123). The Anglesea Arms, with a great terrace surrounded by classy South Kensington buildings, serves freshened-up versions of traditional English cuisine (15 Selwood Terrace, tel. 020/7373-7960).GETTING AROUND: London has an excellent subway (Tube) and bus system that can get you just about anywhere you need to go. Taxis are also great, as cabbies love to talk and give advice about the city.TOURIST INFORMATION: .(Rick Steves () writes European travel guidebooks and hosts travel shows on public television and public radio. Email him at and follow his blog on Facebook.)Speaking with , Cook addressed complaints from investors about the cost of the iPhone 5c, a low-cost version of the popular Apple smartphone that many originally believed was aimed at customers in emerging markets such as China. The iPhone 5c is $100 cheaper than the iPhone 5s, but it’s still far more expensive than other smartphones on the market.

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