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Ready To Get More ‘Weird’? | MyMusic hvor man kan købe timberland støvler

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In a recent run-in with the notorious tabloid machine TMZ, musician Weird Al Yankovich announced that he was working on a new album and would be dropping it soon. The bigger question than why he chose to announce his album to TMZ of all places is what his album would consist of and are people even interested any more. No other details have been released, but it’s safe to assume one of the songs on his album will be a parody of anything Miley Cyrus has done in the past 3 months. No thank you!

Now I will say that Weird Al’s prior albums have been known to give me a couple of hearty chuckles and while his material may be a bit too edgy for me, I do like the creativity that goes into his music. Also, his rap parodies are often easier to understand than the original song. Enunciation hip hop artists! However, I’m not too sure the market that clamored for his albums several years ago is still there.

It’ll be interesting to see if he switches up his style to catch up with other parody musicians such as Lonely Island, who has blown up in popularity. So perhaps he should change his name to Slightly Weird Al or Borderline Normal Al or maybe I’m just overthinking this whole thing. (That last one wasn’t an actual name suggestion. Perhaps I went just a bit overboard.)

Are you excited for Weird Al’s upcoming album or do you think his time is up? Let me know in the comments below!

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634 thoughts on “ Ready To Get More ‘Weird’? ”

  1. Cyan Jackson October 9, 2013 at 11:32 pm

    huh never been a fan never will be but the question is now, should he change his name cuz celebrities i bet are much weirder than he could ever be 0.O

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