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  • Girls' Life Magazine

    Girls' Life is the perfect magazine for girls 8 to 14. This Parent's choice award-winner is packed with great advice on friends, family, school and sports plus pen pals, fashion, parties, embarrassing moments, entertainment, celeb interviews and more! 14 Reviews
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    Review by shari4

    March, 13 2012

    Pros: familiar celebrities that appeal to young girls are on the cover

    Cons: lesbian agenda

  • GL-guide to a girl's life

    Review by popig

    July, 13 2006

    Pros: advice, fashion, beauty, interviews, long articles, inspiring stories

    Cons: none

  • GL Magazine is a MUST!

    Review by Prepoia

    February, 12 2005

    Pros: Great reading and entertaining for young teens

    Cons: None

  • girl's life- not for young girls!

    Review by epn3292

    May, 30 2004

    Pros: good advice columns, fun fashion

    Cons: targets impressionable minds with inappropriate articles

  • ~Girl's Life: A few issues-ok a subscription-give me a break!

    Review by starburst101

    July, 27 2003

    Pros: Great for ages 11-15!

    Cons: Great for ages 11-15!

  • Girls Life? Yeah right!!

    Review by xcountrygirl

    June, 12 2003

    dame timberland støvler billigewhite-space: normal;">Pros: Sometimes has great articles on current music and celebrities.

    Cons: Not enough info about celebrities, too much emphasis on boys and fashion and beauty

  • The Perfect Preteen Magazine

    Review by shortnsweet

    July, 30 2001

    Pros: It's a perfect for it's age group, the preteen.

    Cons: none

  • For Tweens!

    Review by Natasha37

    April, 10 2001

    Pros: Models in most articles/ads look like real girls

    Cons: none

  • It's a GIRLS' LIFE..here's the mag!

    Review by Twix109

    December, 03 2000

    Pros: good articles, cover, pictures, contests

    Cons: advertisements, some topics

  • A cute magazine for the right age group

    Review by QTRachel614

    July, 15 2000

    Pros: A great gift idea

    Cons: None

  • For Real Girls

    Review by Emnemms

    July, 03 2000

    Pros: Girls will love it, it deals with real issues

    Cons: Strictly for one age group, can grow out of it quickly

  • The Perfect Line between American Girl and Teen

    Review by CsHoRe

    May, 14 2000

    Pros: Positive, great contents

    Cons: More for ages 10-14...eight-year-olds aren't usually concerned about boys yet, and don't wear makeup (hey, it's better than your little sis getting a handle on your copy of Seventeen!)

  • Real Magazine for Real Girls

    Review by hotcandy

    April, 11 2000

    Pros: Real Magazine for Real Girls

    Cons: I would like to see the magazine break out a little bit from the norm and examine alternative areas

  • A girl's world?

    Review by frostygirl06

    January, 17 2000

    Pros: Great Material.

    Cons: Needs more articles like the one I mentioned.

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  • $17.50 FREE SHIPPING American Girl Magazine 1 Year Subscription (6 Issues) American Girl Magazine is an engaging, informative, and age appropriate magazine targeted toward the interests and needs of preteen girls ages eight and up. Each magazine is designed to stand in contrast to the vast majority of traditional teen magaz...
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(379 Records Found)

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Everything Wrong with RoboCop in 7 Minutes - Length: 09:03

Julia Zenko - Me enseñaron todo mal - Length: 3:42

Zenko - Length: 2:49

恋するフォーチュンクッキー 美容室ZENKOVer. - Length: 3:06

Con Las Alas Del Alma - Julia Zenko - Length: 5:09

Mercedes Sosa & Julia Zenko - Oh que sera - Length: 5:17

Julia Zenko - Dejame que me vaya - Length: 4:02

Micah Zenko on Foreign Threats to the United States - Length: 7:51

Digital Age-Do Our Drone Policies Make Any Sense?-Micah Zenko - Length: 27:47

Oh Que Sera! - (Mercedes Sosa - Julia Zenko) - Length: 5:47

Julia Zenko - Chiquilin de Bachin - Length: 4:18

Julia Zenko - Honrar la vida.wmv - Length: 3:34

Gidon Kremer, Maria de Buenos Aires - Yo Soy Maria(Piazzolla) - Length: 3:12

rojden den na zenko - Length: 3:56

Marco Zenko R.I.P. - Length: 4:15

Julia Zenko La Fuerza Del Amor - Length: 3:44

Balada para un loco - Julia Zenko (Horacio Ferrer, Piazzolla) - Length: 6:14

Julia Zenko - Zamba para no morir - Length: 4:52

Julia Zenko - Honrar la Vida - Length: 3:19

Mercedes Sosa - Julia Zenko, Oh Que Sera!, Festival de Viña 1993 - Length: 6:15

Julia Zenko - Siempre se vuelve a Buenos Aires (You always return to Buenos Aires) - Length: 3:34

BH BOKS Ramiz Aljic/ 57kg:Zenko Mutic(Sloboda)-Jabumba (Slavija)2:0 - Length: 14:47

"Nada" - Julia Zenko - Length: 3:39

Mercedes Sosa - Julia Zenko, Oh Que Sera!, Festival de Viña 1993 - Length: 6:15

Julia Zenko - Siempre se vuelve a Buenos Aires (You always return to Buenos Aires) - Length: 3:34

¿Papa, podes escucharme?/ Podre saber - Julia Zenko - Length: 5:41

Si pudiera elegir - Julia Zenko - Length: 3:28

Quereme....tengo frio - Julia Zenko - Length: 3:29

Voy a hablar de mi amante - Julia Zenko - Length: 2:59

Julia Zenko Chiquilin de Bachin - Length: 5:03

Julia Zenko - The Rose version en español - Length: 3:35

Julia Zenko - Todos los dias un poco - Length: 3:45

Chocolate Caliente-Julia Zenko - Length: 2:44

"Todos los dias, un poco." Julia Zenko - Length: 3:36

Julia Zenko -No quiero arrepentirme - Length: 3:12

Julia Zenko - Oracion del remanso/ Cancion para Carito - Length: 7:40

Ostaz samm - Zenko (Prod by Damar ) الاستاذ سام - زينكو - Length: 4:02

Vete de mi - Julia Zenko - Length: 3:02

Julia Zenko - "Carta de un leon a otro" - Length: 4:23

Julia Zenko - Canto versos - Length: 3:58

"Tu amor en mi" Julia Zenko - Length: 3:33

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