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Welcome to Cross Church

Biblical. Relevant. Missional.

Cross Church envisions itself being a place where people can come and hear the good news of Jesus for the first time.

We recently changed our name from Palm Vista Baptist Church to Cross Church to better communicate this simple vision.

Cross Church began in February, 1998 as Palm Vista Baptist Church.

Meeting at Dysart High School the fledgling church faced an important strategic decision: should it focus on impacting the communities north of Bell Road or the communities south of it? Rather than choosing to focus exclusively on one or the other, the members of the church decided to reach out to both. So the church had a vision of people of all ages, races, and nationalities coming together to worship God, grow in their faith in Him, and make their faith known.

When we moved into our current building in November 1999, the family communities that now lie to our south were yet to be constructed, so our early church enrollment was primarily senior adults, but things quickly changed. Surprise Farms became a flourishing family community, and our church collectively renewed its commitment to reach people at all stages of life. And now with the completion the Loop 303 our church is easily connected to communities both to the north and south of Surprise.

Along the way we have added educational space for our church on the weekends and for use for our schools (Cross Christians School and Preschool) throughout the week.

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A Place For You

Cross Church is a church that believes in Jesus, a church that loves God and people.


Jackie Allen

Lead Pastor

Pastor Jackie has served as Lead Pastor at Cross Church since 2013. Since then our church has grown from 300 to over 1000 in attendance. His passion is preaching and leading the church. Along with his responsibilities as our Lead Pastor, he currently serves as the President of the Arizona Baptist Convention.  Prior to coming to Cross Church, Jackie served for 25 years as a pastor and church planter. When he is not at the church you can find him spending time with his family or at the golf course, no matter how hot it may be outside.

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October 2, 2017

“You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own bible.”

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Our Causes

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In Causes, Missions Fund

Missions Fund

Cross Church’s missional initiatives are both local and global and give people on every level the opportunity to share the...

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Benevolence Fund

At Cross Church, we maintain an ongoing Benevolence Fund to help the needy every month.  If you would like to donate...

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Adoption and Foster Care Ministry

The mission of this ministry is to bring glory and honor to God in all we do whether in word...

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Missions Fund

Cross Church’s missional initiatives are both local and global and give people uudyhlaf. магазинon every level the opportunity to share the...

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We Are – Cross Church!

  I’m pleased to announce that we have voted to change our name to Cross Church! A name that better...

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“People see God every day they just don’t recognize him.”

“Don’t tell God how big your storm is, tell the storm how big your God is.”

“God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world.”

2 weeks ago With a 90% approval we have officially changed our name to Cross Church! We will be transitioning to our new name o… https://t.co/nevkXT94AA 3 weeks ago What verse did you read today? We'd love to know! So Jesus said... "You will know the truth, and the truth will se… https://t.co/BH8f7L2h1J 3 weeks ago Hey Palm Vista we need your help getting the word out! Please go and share this event to all your friends. It... https://t.co/CndsUPx7Lv 3 weeks ago The Surprise Community Carnival is free to the public on October 29th from 5pm-7pm at 17475 West Bell Road in Surpr… https://t.co/kElhfhcBdS 3 weeks ago The Surprise Community Carnival is free to the public on October 29th from 5pm-7pm at 17475 West Bell Road in Surpr… https://t.co/AH6aL6Ryxu 3 weeks ago When we follow Jesus, He completely redefines what can be done with a little. https://t.co/mrb7QL1TB6 4 weeks ago Hey everyone, check out this informational video about our potential name change! https://t.co/Z68nfrfdRR
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Dyrepension er stadig til salg

Hoglebjerg Hunde- og Kattepension er stadig til salg. Nu har ejerne besluttet at sælge noget af jorden fra.
  • to 19.10.2017, 15:29
  • Af Anja Ruder Christensen
I april blev hunde- og kattepensionatet Hoglebjerg sat til salg, men ingen står endnu til at overtage stedet.

- Flere interesserede købere har været forbi, men de har haft det lidt svært med bankerne, der ikke vil give lån, siger Lotte Dernie, ejer af Hoglebjerg.

Lotte Dernie har sammen med familien stået for dyrepensionen i 22 år, men hun føler ikke, at de kan blive ved. For at få solgt grunden har de nu tænkt ud af boksen.

- Vi har tænkt, at folk, der gerne vil have en hunde- og kattepension, måske ikke vil være landmænd, så derfor sælger vi lidt af jorden fra, siger Lotte Dernie, men fortæller også:

- Der vil stadig være jord til, blandt andet hoglerne, som hører til gården. Så der er stadig jord til at have grise, køer og heste, hvis man har lyst til det, og også noget skov. Men så bliver det til en mere overkommelig pris.

Hoglebjerg Hunde- og Kattepension er i øjeblikket sat til salg for 2,9 millioner kroner.

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President: Nick Poling, (2017-2018)
Email: polingn@allegheny.edu

Advisor: Steven Farrelly-Jackson, Visiting Associate Professor of Philosophy/Religious Studies
Email: sfarrell@allegheny.edu

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